Agenda: Fifth Meeting April 2, 2004

Kansas technology Enterprise Corporation - 2nd Floor Conference Room
214 SW 6th - Topeka, Kansas (same location as the first meeting)

Parking (for task force and advisory committee members only) in lot at 6th and Van Buren (you will need to provide your vehicle licencse tag number to Ann Marshall to avoid ticketing).

10:00     Welcome and Introductions, Jerry Karr and Jerry Lonergan, co-chairs

10:10     Review of Agenda

10:15     Committee Reports and Task Force Discussion

                 Land Leasing, Richard Porter

                 Land Trust, Joe Stout

                 Siting Guidelines, Monty Wedel

                 Mapping, Jerry Karr and Jerry Lonergan
                 (mapping did not meet but update for task force)

Lunch - Task Force will break for 1-hour lunch on your own (location and menu of selected restaurants will be distributed at meeting)

2:00     Presentation, Suggestions, and Discussion of Options Available for Wind Farm Development in Kansas,
                 Manhattan Carpool Riders, Jerry Karr, and Jerry Lonergan

3:00    Next Steps - Planning for Public Hearings

3:30    Adjourn

Times are approximate