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Energy Tax Incentives - Tax Incentives Assistance Project, information on how to use tax incentives for new renewable energy projects

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National Renewable Energy Laboratory, NREL/TP-6A2-45359, March 2009, 19 p.

General Info

Lopez, Anthony, B. Roberts, D. Heimiller, N. Blair, & G. Porro, U.S. Renewable Energy Technical Potentials: A GIS-Based Analysis, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, NREL/TP-6A20-51946, July 2012.
Study lists Kansas as 2nd in wind potential, behind Texas.

Wind Coalition, Kansas Wind Energy Update, January 23, 2012
- Presentation to Kansas House Energy & Utilities Committee by Kimberly Svaty

Lua, McElroya, and Kiviluomac, Global potential for wind-generated electricity
PNAS, vol. 106, no. 27, July 7, 2009, p. 10933–10938.
- Study lists Kansas as tied for 2nd in wind potential with Montana, trailing Texas

Renewable Energy Request for Proposals
Westar Energy, Feb. 12, 2009.

Kansas, wind report, CoriolisKing, Joe, Encouraging Development of Kansas Wind Energy Resources, Kansas Energy Council, August 2006.

Wind Study for Kansas - Kansas Sierra Club

Wind Energy Systems Textbook - Dr. Gary S. Johnson, K-State

Operating Renewable energy facilities in Kansas - EREN

K-State Energy Extension - Wind information

Wind Farms Come to Rural Kansas
by Jerry Lonergan (Adobe Acrobat PDF file)

Windpower.org - Basic information on wind from the Danish Wind Industry Association

Wind-Works.org - Renowned wind expert, Paul Gipe's web-site with archive of articles

Generating Solutions: How Clean, Renewable Energy is Boosting Local Economies and Saving Consumers Money - U.S. Public Interest Research Group - lists Kansas as #1 in wind potential, Feb. 2002

Wind Data and Maps

new50 meter wind data by state - GIS format, National Renewable Energy Lab

newWind Resource of Kansas - Mean Annual Wind Speed at 100 Meters - Kansas Dept. of Commerce, May 2012

Kansas Wind Mapper - Kansas Biological Survey

Kansas Corporation Commission Wind Info - Including wind speed and wind density maps from Sept. 2008

Kansas Tall Tower Wind data - Nov. 2004, KCC

Existing and Proposed wind projects in Kansas (PDF) - Oct. 2009, KEIN

Kansas Tall grass Prairie maps - Oct. 2004, KEC

Kansas Wind Map - Fall 2003 by Coriolis and KCC Energy Program

Kansas Wind Activities - Info from Dept. of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Kansas Wind Map - 1990's map from Pacific Northwest Lab. report for NREL

Avian Issues

Obermeyer, B., R. Manes et al., Development by Design: Mitigating Wind Development's Impacts on Wildlife in Kansas, PLoS One, 2011.

 Whooping Cranes and Wind Development - An Issue Paper - USFWS, April 2009.

Collaborative Study of the Effects of Wind Power on Greater Prairie-chicken - PPM Energy

National avian-wind power planning meeting III - NWCC - Conference Proceedings
San Diego, California, May 1998

Bird Risk Behaviors and Fatalities at the Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area - Provisional report, Dec. 2003, NREL (Adobe Acrobat PDF file)

Avian Collisions with Wind Turbines: A Summary of Existing Studies and Comparisons to Other Sources of Avian Collision Mortality in the United States - NWCC (Adobe Acrobat PDF file)

Bat Issues

Bats and Wind Energy Cooperative - Bat Conservation International, AWEA, NREL, USFWS

 Bat Fatalities at Wind Turbines: Investigating the Causes and Consequences - USGS

Patterns of Bat Fatalities at Wind Energy Facilities in North America - Arnett, et al., The Journal of Wildlife Management, 72(1), p. 61-78. (PDF file)

newLand Use

Denholm, Paul, M. Hand, M. Jackson, & S. Ong, Land-Use Requirements of Modern Wind Power Plants in the United States - National Renewable Energy Lab, Technical Report NREL/TP-6A2-45834, August 2009.

newCosts - Past and Future

Levelized Cost of New Generation Resources in the Annual Energy Outlook 2012, Energy Information Administration, July 12, 2012.

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Projected Costs of Generating Electricity: 2010 Edition. International Energy Agency and the Organisation of Economic Co-Operation and Development. 2010.

Landowner/Leasing Info

Fact Sheets from Windustry

Introduction to Wind Energy

Why Wind Energy?

Know Your Wind

Know Your Land

Wind Energy Economics

Choosing a Business Structure

Wind Farmer Feedback

Wind Energy Easements - Legal Issues

Other Resources

Wind Energy Easement and Lease Agreement Guidelines - Windustry, Sept. 2005 (PDF)

Compensation Packages for Wind Energy Land Agreements - Windustry, Sept. 2005 (PDF)

Wind Energy Land Agreements: Best Practices and Policy Recommendations - Windustry, Sept. 2005 (PDF)

Wind Energy Easement and Lease Bibliography - Windustry, Sept. 2005 (PDF)

The Law of Wind - Stoel Rives LLP, Attorneys at Law, 3rd Edition, 2006 (PDF, 3.2 MB)

Wind Farm Legal Issues - Prof. Roger McEowen, presented to Wind and Prairie Task Force, Feb. 2004 (PDF, 294 kb)
Powerpoint version, 91 Kb

Permitting Wind Farms

Permitting of Wind Energy Facilities: A Handbook - NWCC (PDF file)

Farming the Wind: Wind Power and Agriculture, Union of Concerned Scientists

Property Values

newMagnusson, M. & R. Gittell, Impact of the Lempster Wind Power Project on Local Residential Property Values, Whittemore School of Business & Economics, University of New Hampshire, Jan. 2012.

newHoen, Ben, Wind Facility Effects On Nearby Property Values: The Emerging “Valley” Landscape, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, NEWEEP Confrence, June 7, 2011.

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Sterzinger, G., F. Beck, & D. Kostiuk, The Effects of Wind Development on Local Property Values, Renewable Energy Policy Project, May 2003. (PDF - 1.6 MB)

Economic Impacts of Wind Power in Kittitas County Washington, ECONorthwest, Oct. 2002.

Siting Guidelines

Wind Energy Siting Handbook - Kansas Energy Council, April 2005

Siting Guidelines for Wind Projects in Kansas - KREWG
(PDF file - 30 KB)

Wind Power Siting, Incentives, and Wildlife Guidelines in the United States - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, October 2007 (PDF file)

Michigan Siting Guidelines for Wind Energy Systems - State of Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth, March 2007 (PDF file)

Siting Guidelines for Wind Power Projects in South Dakota - Department of South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks, October 2007 (PDF file)

Anemometer Loan Programs

Kansas - Now has an anemometry loan program, administered through the Kansas Wind Applications Center.
They have four towers to loan out with priority given to K-12 schools.

Colorado Anemometer Loan Program -
Governor's Office of Energy Management and Conservation

Missouri Anemometer Loan Project -
Missouri DNR

Western North Carolina Anemometer Loan Program - Appalachian State University

Oregon's Anemometer Loan Program -
Oregon State University

Utah Anemometer Loan Program -
Utah DNR

Small Wind Turbines


Small wind in Kansas - AWEA

Small wind electric systems: A Kansas Consumer's Guide - (PDF, 710 KB), NREL

Regional Information

Wind and Prairie Task Force - Kansas, 2004.

Midwest Wind Power Projects map, Environmental Law & Policy Center

Oklahoma Wind Power Assessment Initiative - Wind maps, project description, tutorials - Advocacy

Other Wind Links

Arizona Solar Center Wind Links


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