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newPtacek, Andy, Sales Tax Issues and Recovery Audits for Kansas Oil  & Gas Producers, Agility Solutions, September 2013.


Kansas Corporation Commission

The Hugoton Project - A project to better understand the oil and gas resources of the Hugoton Embayment of SW Kansas

Hugoton Consortium Update - KGS

Natural Gas Retail Unbundling - Kansas - EIA


Natural Gas Information and Educational Resources

Western Natural Gas Futures - Kansas City Board of Trade

newGas Utilities

American Energies Gas Service

Atmos Energy
  - Kansas Rates
  - Service Area Map

Black Hills Energy
  - Cities Serviced

Kansas Gas Service


City of Eskridge



Oil and Gas Info - KGS

Kansas Natural Gas Summary - EIA (pdf format)

EIA's Natural Gas Prices for Kansas - EIA

Natural Gas Gross Withdrawals and Production in Kansas - EIA

Kansas Natural Gas Wellhead Value and Marketed Production - EIA


Natural Gas Homepage - EIA

Natural Gas Annual - 2011 - EIA


Hutchinson Gas Explosions

Hutchinson Response Project - KGS

Hutchinson Fires - (Lawrence Journal-World archive


Fort Scott, Kansas Natural Gas Well

Kansas Oil Museum - El Dorado, KS


Propane Marketers of Kansas

Heating Oil and Propane Update - EIA

U.S. Propane and Other Liquefied Gases Data - EIA

Natural Gas Providers

Aquila Gas Service

Atmos Energy Corporation

Kansas Gas Service


Boulder County activists concerned about flooded oil, gas wells
(Boulder Daily Camera, Sept. 15, 2013)

Statehouse Live: Consumer, elderly advocates pitted against natural gas utilities
(Lawrence Journal World, Jan. 30, 2012)

Fracking in Kan. pushes water permits to new high
(Wichita Eagle, Jan. 22, 2012)

Unlocking the Secrets Behind Hydraulic Fracturing
(New York Times, Jan. 14, 2012)

Moran, Roberts file bill to allow state inspection of natural gas storage
(Wichita Eagle, November 30, 2011)

Natural gas price increase may not be as steep as expected
(Lawrence Journal-World, Nov. 25, 2008)

KGS to cut off service to Lake City
(Pratt Tribune, May 19, 2006)

Kansas Gas seeks rate hike
(Wichita Eagle, May 16, 2006)

AP: Kansas landfills exploring uses of methane gas
(Wichita Eagle, March 27, 2006)

Natural gas prices attacked
(Kansas City Star, March 8, 2006)
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Cost of natural gas becomes a hotter topic in state
(The Hutchinson News, Dec. 16, 2005)
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Ghastly gas bills are about to arrive
(Kansas City Star, Dec. 8, 2005)
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Getting Burned (Natural Gas)
(Kansas City Star, Dec. 6, 2005)
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Gas drilling expands in area
(Goodland Star-News, Dec. 6, 2005)

If winter is bitter, brace for a natural-gas crunch
(Christian Science Monitor, Nov. 29, 2005)

Coalbed Methane

See the Coalbed Methane page for more information.

Natural Gas Summary

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