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Westar News


Westar Energy begins repairs at Sixth Street substation to help prevent power outages in downtown Lawrence
(Lawrence Journal World, May 25, 2011)

As smart meter use grows across state, so do options for easy use
(Lawrence Journal-World, Jan. 31, 2011)

Westar Energy's SmartStar program director answers your questions about smart meters being installed in Lawrence
(Lawrence Journal-World, Jan. 19, 2011)


Westar to buy more energy from Kansas wind farms
(Kansas City Star, Dec. 14, 2010)

Westar launches website to help Lawrence residents with using smart meters
(Lawrence Journal-World, Nov. 5, 2010)

Westar Energy plans more transmission lines
(El Dorado Times, October 28, 2010)

Lawrence to become first city in Kansas to get smart electricity meters
(Lawrence Journal-World, March 30, 2010)


Westar Energy to raise rates again
(Wichita Eagle, Dec. 5, 2009)

Settlement proposed on Westar rates
(Lawrence Journal World, Dec. 5, 2009)

Lawrence homes to test smart meters
(Lawrence Journal-World, Nov. 1, 2009)

Kansas Corporation Commission order north, south Westar rates to equalize
(Wichita Eagle, October 27, 2009)

Planemakers ask KCC to keep Westar Electric rates separate
(Wichita Eagle, August 18, 2009)

Westar picks Lawrence for ‘smart grid’
(Lawrence Journal-World, Aug. 4, 2009)

Former Westar CEO to be released from prison
(Lawrence Journal-World, July 29, 2009)

Westar asks state to grant fourth rate increase this year
(Lawrence Journal-World, June 3, 2009)

Westar gets third rate hike this year
(Wichita Eagle, May 30, 2009)

Westar rate increase approved
(Topeka Capital-Journal, May 30, 2009)

Westar rates likely to rise again by $80 million
(Kansas City Star, April 1, 2009)

U.S. Law Catches Up With Westar
(Forbes.Com, Feb. 5, 2009)

Justice Dept. sues Westar over plant pollution
(Forbes.Com, Feb. 5, 2009)

Westar bills to rise $6 to $9
(Topeka Capital Journal, Jan. 22, 2009)

State OKs Westar rate hike request
(Wichita Eagle, Jan. 22, 2009)


Westar Energy announces rate case settlement
(Kansas City Star, Oct. 28, 2008)

Westar installing geothermal climate-control system at new service center
(Lawrence Journal-World, August 13, 2008)

Westar customers face record fuel costs, plus new request for rate increase
(Lawrence Journal-World, August 12, 2008)


Westar plant not coming to Fort Scott
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, March 9, 2006)

Deal struck on Wittig, Lake forfeiture
(Topeka Capital-Journal, March 9, 2006)
(Registration required)

AP: Westar to get some Wittig assets
(Topeka Capital-Journal, March 8, 2006)
(Registration required)

New Westar rates in effect
(Wichita Eagle, March 4, 2006)

Westar board OKs 8.7 percent dividend increase
(Wichita Business Journal, Feb. 23, 2006)

Westar's decision delayed
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, Feb. 17, 2006)

Panel declines to reevaluate ruling in Westar rate case
(Wichita Eagle, Feb. 14, 2006)


Westar complains about KCC order
(Lawrence Journal-World, Dec. 31, 2005)

Westar granted $3 million increase
(Lawrence Journal-World, Dec. 29, 2005)

Editorial: Westar's unwarranted rate hike
(The Hutchinson News, Dec. 20, 2005)
(Registration required)

Westar seeks payment for expenses
Proposed rate increases would pay for meals, health clubs
(Lawrence Journal-World, Nov. 15, 2005)

Westar rate increase hearing begins today
(Wichita Eagle, Oct. 17, 2005)

Westar rate hike proposal slammed
(Wichita Eagle, Oct. 07, 2005)

Westar: Rate proposals damaging
(Lawrence Journal-World, Oct. 5, 2005)


Westar to face Texas charge
(Lawrence Journal-World, Sept. 22, 2004)

EPA considers clean air lawsuit against Westar
(Topeka Capital-Journal, July 16, 2004)
(Registration required)

State ready to end probe of Westar
(Wichita Eagle, April 6, 2004)

EPA notifies Westar of violations at plant
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Jan. 26, 2004)


Indictment: Wittig looted Westar
(Wichita Eagle, Dec. 5, 2003)

Watchdogs not surprised by magnitude of indictments
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, Dec. 5, 2003)

CURB debates Westar proposal
(Wichita Eagle, July 24, 2003)

Editorial: Not in Kansas Anymore
(Washington Post, June 19, 2003)

Cities protesting sale of Westar customers to Midwest Energy
(Hutchinson News, June 5, 2003)

Sunflower Electric

Kansas agency, utility worked closely on permit for plant
(Kansas City Star, June 18, 2011)

Sierra Club tries anew to block coal plant
(Lawrence Journal-World, August 4, 2009)

Sunflower sues Sebelius, Bremby
(Garden City Telegram, Nov. 18, 2008)

Sunflower Electric sues state leaders
(Lawrence Journal-World, Nov. 18, 2008)

Water usage set for new power plant
(Hutchinson News, July 3, 2003)

Leaders praise plans for cleaner operation
(Garden City Telegram, April 24, 2003)

Sunflower plant still work in progress
(Garden City Telegram, April 10, 2003)

Restructured Sunflower Electric ready to grow
(Dodge City Globe, Dec. 9, 2002)

Sunflower Electric ready to grow
(Hays Daily News, Dec. 8, 2002)

Sunflower has new name, structure
(Garden City Telegram, Dec. 4, 2002)

Sunflower restructuring means rate increase
(Hutchinson News, Dec. 1, 2002)


Seeking to slow 'Cap and Trade,' KCP&L spends on lobbying
(Kansas City Free Press, April 28, 2010)

Kansas City Power & Light seeks $55.2M rate increase in Kansas
(Kansas City Business Journal, Dec. 17, 2009)

Editorial: Smart grid: A path for lower utility bills
(Kansas City Star, August 11, 2009)

Smart grid that controls utility use comes to KC
(Kansas City Star, August 10, 2009)

Commission approves rate hike for KCPL
(Lawrence Journal-World, June 26, 2009)

KCP&L spending stirs up questions
(Kansas City Star, Feb. 5, 2009)

Westar News


Westar could owe Wittig millions
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Dec. 11, 2002)

KCC to receive Westar benefits information
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Dec. 6, 2002)

CEO: Westar recovery not a 'fool's errand'
(Lawrence Journal-World, Dec.1, 2002)

Editorial: Westar in need of new trust
(Salina Journal, Nov. 26, 2002)

Editorial: Westar - A change for better
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Nov. 26, 2002)

Westar Rate Cut Requested
(Wichita Eagle, Nov. 26, 2002)

Westar picks replacement
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Nov. 24, 2002)

Westar's Wittig Resigns
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Nov. 23, 2002)

Wittig, ex-bank officer plead innocent to fraud charges
(Dodge City Globe, Nov. 20, 2002)

Wittig faces hearing amid questions about inquiry
(Dodge City Globe, Nov. 19, 2002)

Westar discloses SEC inquiry into earnings restatement
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, Nov. 15, 2002)

Westar reorganization
(Hutchinson News, Nov. 12, 2002)

KCC orders reorganization of Westar Energy
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, Nov. 9, 2002)

Westar chairman indicted for fraud
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, Nov. 8, 2002)

Shallenburger campaign purchased political poll from Westar Energy
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, Oct. 18, 2002)

Westar sale could raise energy rates
(Hutchinson News, Oct. 17, 2002)

Westar wants to sell part of its service area
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Oct. 16, 2002)

Midwest Energy agrees to buy Westar customers
(Hays Daily News, Oct. 15, 2002)

(Editorial) KCC and Westar Energy: KCC did its job
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Oct.3, 2002)

Editorial: A little sunshine (Westar)
(Hutchinson News, Oct. 2, 2002)

Support Withdrawn for Westar Exemption
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Oct. 1, 2002)

Editorial: Where's the Beef! (Westar)
(Lawrence Journal-World, Sept. 30, 2002)

Editorial: Westar's troubles
(Hutchinson News, Sept. 29, 2002)

Westar says it will cooperate with probe
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, Sept. 29, 2002)

U.S. pursues investigation of Westar, CEO Wittig
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Sept. 28, 2002)

Regulator objects to Westar exemption
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Sept. 28, 2002)

Westar under federal grand jury probe
(Lawrence Journal-World, Sept. 27, 2002)

Regulators to order Westar restructuring
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Sept. 27, 2002)

Westar earnings reduction likely
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Sept. 26, 2002)

Moore challenges Westar exemption
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Sept. 26, 2002)

Westar critics want management investigated
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Sept. 25, 2002)

Westar reviews officers' perks
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Sept. 24, 2002)

Energy bill loophole aimed at Westar
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, Sept. 21, 2002)

Westar wants special exemption from Congress
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Sept. 21, 2002)

Western loses railroad battle
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Sept. 18, 2002)

Regulators to disclose confidential Westar information
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Sept. 15, 2002)

Westar board says company is no Enron
(Lawrence Journal-World, Sept. 15, 2002)

Editorial: Westar's woes
(Hutchinson News, Sept. 2, 2002)

Westar loses deal to pay down debt
(Topeka Capital-Journal, August 23, 2002)

Groups ask for probe into Westar management
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, August 21, 2002)

Wittig's job main issue for KCC
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, July 15, 2002)

KCC closes hearing on Westar Energy's financial status
(Topeka Capital-Journal, July 12, 2002)

Editorial: Caution called for (Westar)
(Lawrence Journal-World, July 11, 2002)

Editorial: 'Straightforward' deal: KCC order speaks volumes about Westar, Wittig
(Hutchinson News, July 11, 2002)

CURB: KCC ruling won't prevent Westar split
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, July 11, 2002)

Consumer rep calls for ouster of Wittig
(Topeka Capital-Journal, July 11, 2002)

KCC chairman critical of Westar's questioning
(Topeka Capital-Journal, July 11, 2002)

KCC members concerned about Westar's future
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, July 10, 2002)

Regulators endorse Westar plan
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, July 6, 2002)

Westar reaches agreement with ONEOK, KCC, CURB
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, July 3, 2002)

Westar looks at plan to reduce overall debt
(Topeka Capital-Journal, July 2, 2002)

Westar CEO critical of CJ coverage
(Topeka Capital-Journal, July 2, 2002)

Westar management, salaries denounced
(Topeka Capital-Journal, June 29, 2002)

Western to change its name
(Topeka Capital-Journal, June 12, 2002)

Western demands payment from N.M. energy company
(Topeka Capital-Journal, June 1, 2002)

Western executive criticizes ONEOK
(Topeka Capital-Journal, May 30 2002)

Westar looking to sell its ONEOK stake
(Topeka Capital-Journal, May 24, 2002)

KCC approves Western's new rates
(Topeka Capital-Journal, May 16, 2002)

Western retirement packages questioned
(Topeka Capital-Journal, May 10, 2002)

KCC delays hearings on Western
(Topeka Capital-Journal, May 7, 2002)

Utility may sell holdings in gas company
(Topeka Capital-Journal, April 27, 2002)

Intervention for Western creates buzz under dome
(Topeka Capital-Journal, March 6, 2002)

Industries press for Western data
(Lawrence Journal-World, Feb. 22, 2002)

KCC recommends blocking sale of KGE building
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, Feb. 21, 2002)

Companies call for sanctions against Western
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Feb. 21, 2002)

Western posts slide in profit
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Feb. 19, 2002)

Western tries to soothe KCC debt concerns
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Feb. 16, 2002)

Judge blocks Western appeal
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Feb. 8, 2002)

Western seeks help from appeals court against KCC
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Dec. 11, 2001)

Editorial: Western Resources: Message received
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Dec. 10, 2001)

Western Resources cutting more jobs
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, Dec. 7, 2001)

Western officials to take pay cut
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Dec. 6, 2001)

FERC refuses Wichita's rate appeal
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Nov. 30, 2001)

Western hires ex-legislator
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Nov. 22, 2001)

Western Resources suing PNM over broken deal
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, Nov. 21, 2001)

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