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Existing Ethanol Plants

Map of Kansas Biofuels Projects, (Operating, Idled, Under Construction)
(PDF-389 kb), Source: Kansas Energy Information Network, November 2012.

Map of ethanol and biodiesel activity in Kansas, Source: Kansas Department of Agriculture, Sept. 2012.

Map of Kansas biofuels projects
(PDF-450 kb), Source: Kansas Department of Agriculture, June 2011.

Map of Kansas Operating biofuels projects
(PDF-450 kb), Source: Kansas Department of Agriculture, June 2011.

Map of Existing and Proposed ethanol projects in Kansas
(PDF-457 kb), Source: Kansas Energy Information Network, February 2007.

Kansas Ethanol Plants - Kansas Corn Growers Association, more info on existing and proposed ethanol plants in Kansas

Abengoa Bioenergy Corp

Colwich, Sedgwick Co., KS - The ethanol plant owned by Abengoa Bioenergy Corp. (formerly known as High Plains Corporation) produces around 25 million gallons of ethanol annually. This plant uses grain as a raw material and produces 70,000 tons of Distillers Dry Grains (DDG) annually. (October 2012)

East Kansas Agri-Energy LLC

Garnett, Anderson Co., KS - Organizers of East Kansas Agri-Energy LLC announced the successful completion of their fund drive in January 2004. The facility came on-line in 2005 and produces more than 40 million gallons of ethanol, 200,000 tons of distillers grains and 5 million pounds of corn oil annually from more than 16 million bushels of corn. Apparently in October 2012, EKAE stopped operations due to the increased price of corn due to the drought and a lack of profitability. The company plans to remain idle until possibly after the 2013 harvest. (November 2012)

ESE Alcohol Inc.

Leoti, Wichita Co., KS - ESE Alcohol Inc., produces around 1.5 million gallons of ethanol annually from 0.5 million bushels of seed corn. (October 2012)

Midwest Grain Products Ethanol Plant

Atchison, Atchison Co., KS - The Midwest Grain Products ethanol plant came back on-line in December 2003 after an explosion in September 2002 closed the plant. Around 9 million gallons of ethanol are produced annually at this facility. In 2013, turmoil developed in the Boardroom over the lack of profitability of the company. (June 2013)

Prairie-Horizon Agri-Energy Ethanol Plant

Phillipsburg, Phillips Co., KS - Ground was broken for the 40 million gallon Prairie Horizon Agri-Energy LLC (PHAE) plant in September 2005 and began producing ethanol in September 2006. The ICM Inc. (of Colwich, KS) designed plant requires 15 million bushels of grain annually and also produces 415,000 tons of wet distillers grain each year. Ethanol from this facility is marketed by POET Ethanol Products. (Oct. 2012)

Reeve Agri-Energy Inc.

Garden City, Finney Co., KS - This facility produces about 15 million gallons of ethanol annually from 5.4 million bushels of corn and milo. When it first started operating, this facility innovatively used the waste-water to grow and harvest tilapia fish. It's not known by KEIN whether this is still true today. (October 2012)

Gateway Ethanol LLC

Pratt, Pratt Co., KS - Formerly known as Wildcat Bio-Energy LLC, the Gateway Ethanol LLC plans to began building in January 2006.  Orion Energy of Pratt was the majority owner of Gateway Ethanol. The ethanol plant produced 50 million gallons of ethanol annually and had around 36 employees with a payroll of $1 million. The plant closed in February 2008 and was in bankruptcy with assets sold to Minneapolis-based investment bank Dougherty Funding in mid-December 2008. In February 2011, it was announced that the Scoular Group of Omaha, Neb. purchased the plant with plans to begin operating in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2011.

In January 2013, it was announced that Scoular Group had sold a major interest to a group called Pratt Biofuel Investors who would reopen the plant in late Spring 2013. See more on this here. In late October 2013, it was announced that the plat was reopened. (November 2013)

  • Pratt ethanol plant reopens under new partnership
    (Wichita Eagle, Oct. 25, 2013)
  • Omaha grain trader Scoular reopens Kansas ethanol plant
    (Omaha World-Herald, Oct. 25, 2013)
  • New owner says Pratt ethanol plant to reopen in late spring
    (Wichita Eagle, Jan. 15, 2013)
  • National ag marketing firm buys Kan. ethanol plant
    (El Dorado Times, Feb. 18, 2011)
  • Scoular Company to resurrect Gateway ethanol plant
    (Pratt Tribune, Feb. 16, 2011)
  • Ag company buys Pratt ethanol plant
    (Hutchinson News, Feb. 16, 2011)
  • Ohio plant still for sale; Kansas facility sold
    (Ethanol Producer Magazine, Jan. 2, 2009)
  • Hearing set for bankrupt Gateway Ethanol
    (Wichita Eagle, Dec. 15, 2008)
  • Pratt firm to be sold
    (Hutchinson News, Oct. 29, 2008)
  • Ethanol plant in Pratt might not reopen
    (Wichita Eagle, March 1, 2008)
  • Price of grain halts grinding at plant
    (Pratt Tribune, Feb. 27, 2008)
  • Ethanol plant to provide public tour
    (Pratt Tribune, Jan. 5, 2007)
  • Construction moving fast at plant
    (Pratt Tribune, October 4, 2006)
  • Gateway investors launch Orion
    (Pratt Tribune, June 21, 2006)
  • Financing in place for Gateway plant
    (Pratt Tribune, April 7, 2006)
  • Ethanol plant saving water rights
    (Pratt Tribune, March 1, 2006)
  • Low rate to pay big dividend; Pratt and Gateway Ethanol share the benefits of its high-volume water usage
    (Pratt Tribune, Feb. 8, 2006)
  • Outlook for ethanol improving
    (Pratt Tribune, Dec. 5, 2005)
  • Ethanol plant driving over bumps in road
    (The Pratt Tribune, July 13, 2005)
  • Pratt to have state's largest plant
    (Hutchinson News, March 13, 2005)
  • NE 30th bond issue going to voters again
    (Pratt Tribune, November 1, 2004)
  • Ethanol plant would bring 35 jobs to Pratt Co.
    (Hutchinson News, Oct. 20, 2004)
  • County revives ethanol road bond issue
    (Pratt Tribune, September 29, 2004)
  • Ethanol finds growing niche in economy
    (Pratt Tribune, September 27, 2004)
  • Plans for ethanol road in limbo
    (Pratt Tribune, July 19, 2004)
  • Ethanol odors will be small, planners say
    (Pratt Tribune, June 17, 2004)
  • Southwest Biofuels seeking investors, customers
    (Pratt Tribune, May 2, 2003)

White Energy

Russell, Russell Co., KS - This ethanol plant is one of the more integrated ethanol plants in the U.S., building on synergies between it's own ethanol production and a nearby wheat gluten plant. Initially owned by U.S. Energy Partners, construction at the ethanol plant was completed in Fall 2001.  In 2002, U.S. Energy Partners acquired a nearby wheat gluten plant that had been idled and put the waste starch to work in creating more ethanol. While the rated capacity of the plant is 45 million gallons per year, the operating production is at 51 million gallons per year. (Picture credit: KEIN, 2002)

Inputs for the plant include milo and wheat starch. In April 2006, U.S. Energy Partners was purchased by White Energy of Dallas, Texas.  Distillers grains from this facility are marketed by The Scoular Company.  (October 2012)

Western Plains Energy LLC

Campus, Gove Co., KS - The Western Plains Energy LLC ethanol plant began producing ethanol in January 2004. The original capacity of this plant was 30 million gallons per year, which was increased to 40 million gallons per year with an expansion in 2005. By September 2011, Western Plains was producing ethanol at the rate of 50 million gallons per year. In 2012, it was announced that Western Plains was awarded a grant to install methane digesters at the facility to help replace the use of fossil-fuel based natural gas.

Ethanol from this facility is marketed by POET Ethanol Products, while distillers grains are marketed by United Bio Energy. (October 2012)

 Arkalon Ethanol Plant

Liberal, Seward Co., KS - A 110 million gallon near Liberal is owned by Arkalon Energy LLC, a subsidiary of  Conestoga Energy Partners LLC, which also built and operates the Bonanza Bioenergy LLC ethanol plant in Finney County.  On June 26, 2006, the Liberal city commissioners voted unanimously to allocate 1,947 acre feet of water to the Arkalon Ethanol Plant. Ground-breaking took place in August 2006 with production starting in 2007.  (October 2012)

Bonanza Bioenergy

Finney Co., KS - Bonanza Bioenergy LLC, a subsidiary of  Conestoga Energy Partners LLC, of Liberal, Kansas is a 55 million gallon per year ethanol plant that first broke ground in May 2006 and started producing fuel in 2007. The plant is located on US-50, just east of Garden City. (October 2012)

  • Conestoga Energy Partners
  • Officials: Bonanza BioEnergy holding its own in tough economy
    (Garden City Telegram, Jan. 27, 2009)
  • Commissioners grant tax break on split vote
    (Garden City Telegram, Feb. 6, 2007)
  • Ethanol plant on track for 2007 production
    (Garden City Telegram, Dec. 19, 2006)
  • County to close road near ethanol plant
    (Garden City Telegram, Dec. 19, 2006)
  • Conestoga Energy Partners, LLC Names Tom Willis
    (Conestoga Energy Partners Press Release, Nov. 3, 2006, PDF)
  • Conestoga moves step closer to building ethanol plant
    ((Liberal, KS) Southwest Daily Times, July 6, 2006)
  • SW Kan. expects ethanol plants
    (Hutchinson News, May 25, 2006)
  • Ethanol plant plans to break ground May 24
    (Hutchinson News, May 18, 2006)
  • Ethanol plant eyes Finney Co.
    (The Garden City Telegram, Dec. 28, 2005)
  • Group proposes building ethanol plant in Finney County
    (The Hutchinson News, Dec. 28, 2005)

Nesika Energy

Scandia, Republic, KS - A 21 million gallon ethanol plant operates in Republic County near Scandia. (December 2006)

Kansas Ethanol LLC

Lyons, Rice Co., KS - A proposed 55 million-gallon plant that will use corn and milo. Ground-breaking for this ICM-designed plant was held on January 26, 2007. The plant is located between Lyons and Sterling. Ethanol from this facility is marketed by POET Ethanol Products. (November 2012)

  • Ethanol plants in the works for Haskell, Kearny counties among others
    (Hutchinson News, May 25, 2006)
  • Developers await study on ethanol plant in area
    (Hutchinson News, April 15, 2006)

Abengoa Bioenergy Biomass Plant

Hugoton, Stevens County, KS - This plant produces 25 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol plant and 22 MW of electricity from biomass.  The feedstock for this plant is different than the average ethanol plant, using corn stover and other agricultural residues instead of the corn kernels itself. Construction began on this Abengoa Bioenergy of Spain plant in July 2011 and began producing ethanol in June 2014. This plant received a $132.4 million loan guarantee from theFederal Government. (August 2014)

Ethanol Plants Under Construction

New Goodland Energy Center

Goodland, Sherman Co., KS - Construction on the ethanol plant in Goodland (formerly the eCaruso LLC ethanol plant), restarted in 2012 after NextGen, a Michigan group, purchased the partially constructed facility.  This ethanol plant started off as Renewable Energy Resources of Goodland and later became part of the Goodland Energy Center, as it was announced in July 2005. The GEC originally planned to include a 25 MW coal plant, 20 million gallon per year ethanol plant, a biodiesel plant, and some wind turbines, though it appears the other aspects to this facility are not going to be completed anytime soon. A 2010 news article in the Goodland Star-News indicated that construction on the plant had been dormant since 2008 due to a lack of money. There was still some optimism at that point that a finance group would purchase and finish the project. As of June 2012, there was no plan to complete either the coal or wind parts of this facility. (October 2012)

Proposed Ethanol Plants

(Projects are listed alphabetical by county)

Northeast Kansas Bioenergy LLC

Hiawatha, Brown, KS - A 50 million gallon ethanol and 30 million gallon biodiesel plant designed by Burns & McDonnell. (August 31, 2006)

Cloud County Ethanol

Concordia, Cloud Co., KS - Everton Energy, LLC of Wichita, Kansas plans to build a 100 million gallon ethanol plant in Cloud County. The plant will be built by ICM of Colwich, KS and will be located near the town of Concordia.  Construction is expected to begin in May 2007. (September 9, 2006)

  • Residents express concerns about ethanol plant
    (Concordia Blade-Empire, Oct. 17, 2006)
  • County board approves Everton's test drilling
    (Concordia Blade-Empire, Sept. 26, 2006)
  • Everton Energy purchases land options for ethanol plant
    (Concordia Blade-Empire, September 11, 2006)
  • Ethanol coming to Concordia
    (Wichita Eagle, September 9, 2006)
  • City pledges money for ethanol study
    (Concordia Blade-Empire, January 19, 2006)
  • Letter to Editor
    (Concordia Blade-Empire, July 28, 2006)

SCK BioEnergy

Cowley or Sumner Co., KS - This project, which calls itself the South Central Kansas BioEnergy (SCKBE) is early in the planning stage.  They are planning to do a feasibility study soon. (June 2006)

  • Funding secured for ethanol plant study
    (Winfield Courier, June 16, 2006)
  • Is ethanol the answer to the nation’s energy needs?
    (Wellington Daily News, June 9, 2006)
  • Group forms in hopes of gaining ethanol plant
    (Winfield Courier, May 16, 2006)

Sunflower Bioenergy

Finney Co., KS - Sunflower Bioenergy is a proposed project of the Sunflower Electric and Scoular Grain. The plant is planned to be located near the existing Holcomb coal-fired power plants and will produce 110 million gallons of ethanol and an undetermined amount biodiesel. (Last updated: February 2007)

  • Holcomb bio-energy plant moves forward
    (Hutchinson News, April 20, 2007)
  • Group expresses concern over bioenergy center
    (Garden City Telegram, Feb. 17, 2007)

Boot Hill Biofuels

Wright, Ford Co., KS - Plans for a 110 million gallon per year ethanol plant to be built a mile east of the unincorporated town of Wright. Construction is planned to be begun by June 2007 with a completion date of September 2008. Liberal-based Conestoga Energy Partners LLC, is helping develop the ethanol plant and will manage it when complete. Colwich-based ICM will design and build the plant. As of December 2008, the plant had significant debt and construction was still delayed.  (December 2008)

Dial Bio Renewable Fuels

Dodge City, Ford Co., KS - Dial Energy of Omaha, Neb. announced in early August 2006, that they want to build a 226 million gallon ethanol plant and 60 million gallon biodiesel plant in Dodge City on a 66.8-acre plot south of U.S. 50 between 104 and 106 roads. In November 2006, Dial Energy officials noted that they are considering bumping up the capacity to 200 million gallons per year.

Ford County Ethanol project

Ford Co., KS - A project is being considered for western Ford County. In preliminary stages. (May 2006)

  • Ethanol plants in the works for Haskell, Kearny counties among others
    (Hutchinson News, May 25, 2006

Grant County Ethanol Plant

Ulysses, Grant Co., KS - Plans for a 40 million gallon per year ethanol plant and 30 million gallon per year biodiesel plant. Ground was broken for this plant in September 2007, but ran out of credit. As of October 2011, the plant remains unfinished, but the owner still hopes to complete it. The plant, located around 2 miles west of Ulysses, is designed by ICM of Colwich and owned by Nexsun Energy of Los Angeles, California. (October 2012)

Hamilton County Ethanol project

Syracuse, Hamilton Co., KS - Plans for a 7-8 million gallon ethanol plant using area corn and milo is apparently off the table. (May 24, 2006)

  • Ethanol plant proposal dries up
    (Garden City Telegram, May 24, 2006)

Panda Haskell Ethanol, LP

Sublette, Haskell Co., KS - Panda Energy announced plans for a 100 million gallon ethanol plant. They will use cow manure from local feedlots to provide much of the energy for the plant. Panda Energy is based out of Dallas, Texas. The company plans to have the ethanol plant on-line by March 2009. (Feb. 2007)

Jetmore Ethanol Project

Jetmore, Hodgeman Co., KS - Plans for a 30 million gallon per year ethanol plant. The project of the Hodgeman County Economic Development Association is currently in flux.

  • Plans for ethanol plant might fall through
    (Hutchinson News, December 22, 2004)
  • newHodgeman County ready for next step for proposed ethanol plant
    (Dodge City Globe, October 3, 2001)
  • Jetmore takes closer look at ethanol
    (Dodge City Globe, September 14, 2001)
  • Hodgeman County looking at options for ethanol production plant
    (Dodge City Globe, June 28, 2001)

Kearney County Ethanol project

Kearney Co., KS - Project is in exploratory phase by local economic-development group.

Marshall County Ethanol Project

Marshall County, KS - Currently in the exploratory phase, E3 BioFuels of Shawnee, KS is looking into the possibility of locating a closed-loop ethanol plant in Marshall County, that would involve waste management, beef cattle production and ethanol production. E3 is currently building an ethanol plant in Mead, Neb. and would like to begin construction of their next plant in Marshall County, or elsewhere, upon completion of the Mead project in Nov. 2006. (September 2006)

  • Ethanol plan developer says plan moving along
    (Marysville Advocate, October 19, 2006)
  • Officials consider ethanol plant
    (Marysville Advocate, September 14, 2006)

NEK-SEN Ethanol Plant

Nemaha Co., KS - A 50 million gallon ethanol plant was proposed for Northeast Kansas (NEK) or Southeast Nebraska (SEN). Nemaha County is apparently one of the possible locations. The project received a $100,000 grant from USDA in 2005. (October 2012)

  • Coal-fired ethanol plant possible for county site
    (Marysville Advocate, March 9, 2006)
  • Californians show interest in county for ethanol plant
    (Marysville Advocate, Jan. 18, 2006)
  • Ethanol plant finalists to be chosen
    (Marysville Advocate, Oct. 20, 2005)

Pottawatomie County Ethanol Project

Pottawatomie Co., KS - The Pottawatomie County Economic Development Corporation and others are investigating the possibility of bringing an ethanol plant to the area. (December 2006)

  • Ethanol plant still possible
    (Manhattan Mercury, December 3, 2006)

Central Kansas Renewable Fuels

Lyons, Rice Co., KS - Plans for a 25 million gallon per year ethanol plant.

  • Construction of Rice Co. ethanol plant to begin in December
    (Hutchinson News, July 26, 2006)

Colwich Ethanol Plant #2

Colwich, Sedgwick Co., KS - Abengoa Bioenergy Corp. is planning a 2nd ethanol plant near Colwich, which will produce 100 million gallons of ethanol annually. This plant recently received a Federal grant to produce ethanol from cellulosic feedstocks. (March. 2007)

Emerald Renewable Energy LLC

Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS - Emerald Renewable Energy LLC, a subsidiary of Cargill, announced plans for a 100 million gallon per year ethanol plant to be located " a 300-acre site northwest of Topeka, located between railroad tracks and US-24 highway, north of the KSNT-TV station". The proposed plant would have used nearly 40 million bushels of corn annually.  Plans for the plant received significant opposition from neighbors and plans for the plant were eventually suspended in February 2008. A web-site run by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce declared the project "dead" in late 2010. (October 2012)

Stevens County Ethanol Plant

Hugoton, Stevens County, KS - In June 2006, 55 million gallon ethanol plant was been proposed for Stevens County by Orion Energy of Pratt. The current status of this project is currently not known. (October 2012)

E3 BioFuels LLC

Washington County, KS - A 25-30 million gallon ethanol plant has been proposed for Washington County by E3 Biofuels. In June 2007, E3 opened a plant in Mead, Nebraska to much fanfare. However, they apparently never reached commercial viability, filing for bankruptcy in November 2007. While AltEn LLC of Kansas City eventually purchased the Mead plant in 2010, it appears that plans for the Washington County plant have been scrapped. (October 2012)

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