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Kansas News


Ethanol benefits debated
(Topeka Capital-Journal, April 5, 2009)

Kansas blender pump program becomes permanent
(Ethanol Producer Magazine, Feb. 6, 2009)


Pratt firm to be sold
(Hutchinson News, Oct. 29, 2008)

Price of grain halts grinding at plant
(Pratt Tribune, February 27, 2008)


A Renewed Push for Ethanol, Without the Corn
(The New York Times Magazine, April 17, 2007)
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Ethanol boom fuels shortage of some seeds
(Hutchinson News, March 13, 2007)
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A green light for ethanol plant
(Dodge City Globe, March 10, 2007)

Bush Makes a Pitch for Amber Waves of Homegrown Fuel
(The New York Times, Feb. 23, 2007)
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Black & Veatch to build pilot ethanol plant
(Kansas City Star, Feb. 21, 2007)
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Rural Kansans eager, anxious about impact on their lives, communities
(Hutchinson News, Feb. 11, 2007)
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Iowa town with pair of ethanol plants sees boom ahead
(Hutchinson News, Feb. 11, 2007)
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Energy experts knock Bush plan for ethanol as gas substitute
(San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 25, 2007)

Ethanol opponents sue county
(Dodge City Globe, Jan. 18, 2007)

Ethanol plant faces new zoning hearing
(Wichita Eagle, Jan. 17, 2007)

Fuel boom may have aftershocks in food supply
(Lawrence Journal-World, Jan. 8, 2007)

New prospect for US: glut of ethanol plants
(Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 5, 2007)

Rise in Ethanol Raises Concerns About Corn as a Food
(The New York Times, Jan. 5, 2007)
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Map of Existing and Proposed ethanol projects in Kansas, (PDF-457 kb)
Source: KEIN, Nov. 2006.

Map of Kansas E85 and biodiesel fueling stations, (PDF-175 kb)
Source: KEC Chart Book, Dec. 2006.

Ethanol demand spikes corn prices
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Dec. 15, 2006)
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Opponents consider suit to halt Ethanol plant
(Hutchinson News, Dec. 1, 2006)
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Ford Co. ethanol plant one step closer to approval
(Hutchinson News, Nov. 28, 2006)
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Boot Hill reps discuss proposed plant with Wright residents
(Hutchinson News, Nov. 15, 2006)
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County to apply for grant for the construction of ethanol plant
(Dodge City Globe, Nov. 14, 2006)
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Plan for ethanol plant doubled
(Hutchinson News, Nov. 14, 2006)
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Ford Co. location, timeline finalized for ethanol plant
(Hutchinson News, Nov. 7, 2006)
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Company announces plans to build ethanol plant near Wright
(Dodge City Globe, Nov. 7, 2006)
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Conestoga Energy Partners, LLC Names Tom Willis
(Conestoga Energy Partners Press Release, Nov. 3, 2006, PDF)

Residents express concerns about ethanol plant
(Concordia Blade-Empire, Oct. 17, 2006)

KSU professor: Ethanol hopes may be too high
(Garden City Telegram, Oct. 5, 2006)

Construction moving fast at plant
(Pratt Tribune, October 4, 2006)

Ethanol Pushers: Part II
(The (Kansas City) Pitch Weekly, Sept. 28, 2006)

Ethanol Pushers: Part I
(The (Kansas City) Pitch Weekly, Sept. 21, 2006)

County board approves Everton's test drilling
(Concordia Blade-Empire, Sept. 26, 2006)

Officials consider ethanol plant
(Marysville Advocate, September 14, 2006)

County discusses various tax exemption incentives for ethanol plant
((Liberal, KS) Southwest Daily Times, September 12, 2006)

New Kansas plant turning out ethanol
(Ethanol Producer Magazine, Sept. 12, 2006)

Everton Energy purchases land options for ethanol plant
(Concordia Blade-Empire, Sept. 11, 2006)

Ethanol coming to Concordia
(Wichita Eagle, September 9, 2006)

New ethanol company adds ex-Duke Energy exec to board
(Kansas City Star, September 8, 2006)
(Registration required)

Conestoga seeks county's help with grant
((Liberal, KS) Southwest Daily Times, September 6, 2006)

Burns & McDonnell has biofuel project
(Kansas City Star, August 31, 2006)
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Russell ethanol plant hunting for more water
(Topeka Capital-Journal, August 31, 2006)
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More ethanol triggers concern about accident management
(Lawrence Journal-World, August 30, 2006)

Conestoga Energy president looks to County, city commission for growth incentives
((Liberal, KS) Southwest Daily Times, August 27, 2006)

Ethanol plant preparation to start with port board approval
((Cape Girardeau, MO) Southeast Missourian, August 22, 2006)

Ethanol plant proposes water consortium
(Hutchinson News, August 18, 2006)
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KSU working to improve fuel process
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, August 18, 2006)
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Another ethanol plant could be built in Ford County
(Hutchinson News, August 11, 2006)
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Omaha company plans to build plant east of Dodge
(Dodge City Globe, August 9, 2006)
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Liberal Ethanol plant slated to break ground Thursday
(Hutchinson News, August 1, 2006)
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Construction of Rice Co. ethanol plant to begin in December
(Hutchinson News, July 26, 2006)
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2nd Colwich Ethanol plant proposed
(Wichita Eagle, July 14, 2006)

Building of ethanol plant could start this month
(Hutchinson News, July 6, 2006)
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Interest in ethanol, biodiesel reflects ever- increasing gas prices
(McPherson Sentinel, July 3, 2006)

Ethanol plant might threaten town's peace
(Hutchinson News, July 3, 2006)
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Ethanol: separating facts from fiction
((Liberal, KS) Southwest Daily Times, June 28, 2006)

City approves water usage request for ethanol plant
((Liberal, KS) Southwest Daily Times, June 27, 2006)

Gateway investors launch Orion
(Pratt Tribune, June 21, 2006)

Funding secured for ethanol plant study
(Winfield Courier, June 16, 2006)

$85M ethanol plant to be built in Stevens County
(Hutchinson News, June 16, 2006)
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Hugoton considering ethanol plant
(Garden City Telegram, June 14, 2006)

Ethanol growth fueling changes in corn, milo outlook
(Hillsboro Free Press, June 13, 2006)

Is ethanol the answer to the nation’s energy needs?
(Wellington Daily News, June 9, 2006)

No objections at ethanol hearing
(2nd page)
(Goodland Star-News, May 26, 2006)

Ethanol plants in the works for Haskell, Kearny counties among others
(Hutchinson News, May 25, 2006)
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SW Kan. expects ethanol plants
(Hutchinson News, May 25, 2006)
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Ethanol plant proposal dries up
(Garden City Telegram, May 24, 2006)

Ethanol plant plans to break ground May 24
(Hutchinson News, May 18, 2006)
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Energy center celebrates first step
(2nd page)
(Goodland Star-News, May 12, 2006)

Goodland ethanol plant hearing set
(2nd page)
(Goodland Star-News, April 28, 2006)

Developers await study on ethanol plant in area
(Hutchinson News, April 15, 2006)
(Registration required)

Financing in place for Gateway plant
(Pratt Tribune, April 7, 2006)

Sebelius signs E85 tax reduction bill
(Wichita Business Journal, April 5, 2006)

Getting fueled up - Community leaders attend ethanol presentation
(Wellington Daily News, March 22, 2006)

Ethanol plant saving water rights
(Pratt Tribune, March 1, 2006)

Proposed ethanol plant to fuel job growth
(Garden City Telegram, Feb. 13, 2006)

ICM to build new ethanol plant in Missouri
(Wichita Eagle, Feb. 13, 2006)

I Wonder: Where's the ethanol?
(Manhattan Mercury, Feb. 9, 2006)

Low rate to pay big dividend; Pratt and Gateway Ethanol share the benefits of its high-volume water usage
(Pratt Tribune, Feb. 8, 2006)

Bio-based fuels get legislative kick-start
(Wichita Eagle, Feb. 8, 2006)

Bush's comments fail to sustain MGP surge
(Kansas City Star, Feb. 2, 2006)
(Registration required)

Ethanol hopes lift shares of MGP Ingredients
(Kansas City Star, Feb. 1, 2006)
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Californians show interest in county for ethanol plant
(Marysville Advocate, Jan. 18, 2006)


Ethanol plant eyes Finney Co.
(The Garden City Telegram, Dec. 28, 2005)

Group proposes building ethanol plant in Finney County
(The Hutchinson News, Dec. 28, 2005)
(Registration required)

Counties see economic potential in ethanol plants
(The Garden City Telegram, Dec. 8, 2005)

Ethanol becoming more popular at the pump
(The Hutchinson News, Dec. 8, 2005)
(Registration required)

Ethanol advocates say Wichitans more aware of alternative fuels
(Wichita Business Journal, Dec. 5, 2005)

Officials are ready to back ethanol plant
(The Hutchinson News, Nov. 22, 2005)
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Kansas ethanol sales jump thanks to new law
(Newton Kansan, Nov. 10, 2005)

Ethanol plant finalists to be chosen
(Marysville Advocate, Oct. 20, 2005)

Family still has big role in ethanol fuel business
(Lawrence Journal-World, Oct. 10, 2005)

From the ground up
(Wichita Eagle, Oct. 9, 2005)

Amid ethanol interest, Garnett celebrated plant with 'Cornstock'
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, Sept. 18, 2005)
(Registration required)

Ethanol bends offer economic alternative to gasoline
(Hillsboro Free Press, Sept. 14, 2005)

Prairie Horizon plant groundbreaking coming
(The Wichita Eagle, Sept. 7, 2005)

Like gas, ethanol fuel prices rising
(Lawrence Journal-World, Sept. 7, 2005)

Oakley plant preview of Goodland Energy Center
(Goodland Star-News, August 05, 2005)

Labeling Debate
(Kansas News Leader, July 27, 2005)

Kansas Retail Ethanol Sales Have Increased
(Kansas City Star, July 26, 2005)
Source: RedNova.com

Study says ethanol not worth the energy
(Wichita Eagle, July 17, 2005)

Interest in ethanol growing
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, July 16, 2005)

Ethanol plant driving over bumps in road
(The Pratt Tribune, July 12, 2005)

Ethanol plant boosters ready to devise plan
(The Hutchinson News, July 10, 2005)
(Registration required)

Ulysses sets sights on plant location
(Garden City Telegram, July 06, 2005)

Power, fuel complex could create 100 jobs (2nd page of article)
(The Goodland Star-News, July 06, 2005)

Editorial: Great weekend, today great news
(The Goodland Star-News , July 06, 2005)

Investors to Build Biodiesel, Ethanol Plants
(Salina Journal Red Nova , July 06, 2005)

High gas prices raise demand for ethanol and plants to make it
(Wichita Eagle, June 27, 2005)

Kearny County still eyeing ethanol plant
(Garden City Telegram, June 21, 2005)

Company eyes Grant County location for new ethanol plant
(Liberal Southwest Daily Times, June 19, 2005)

Grant County chosen as site for ethanol plant (Garden City Telegram, June 16, 2005)

Ethanol boom means growth for Colwich firm
(Wichita Business Journal, May 27, 2005)

Humboldt may be next in line for ethanol plant
(Sioux City (IA) Journal , May 23, 2005)

(The Eudora News, May 12, 2005)

Kearny Co. to study feasibility of plant
(Garden City Telegram, May 10, 2005)

Kearny County eyes ethanol plant
(Garden City Telegram, May 06, 2005)

Ethanol blends compete in price
(Lawrence Journal-World, May 09, 2005)

Ethanol fuel rally planned
(The Eudora News, May 06, 2005)

U.S. News


A Range of Estimates on Ethanol's Benefits
(New York Times, June 25, 2006)
(Registration required)

Boom in Ethanol Reshapes Economy of Heartland
(New York Times, June 25, 2006)
(Registration required)

Water needs may soon hamper ethanol plants
(Duluth (MN) News Tribune, June 25, 2006)

Ethanol: A thirsty fuel
(St. Paul Pioneer-Press, June 24, 2006)

The dirty truth about green fuel
(Pasadena (CA) Weekly, June 15, 2006)

Carbon cloud over a green fuel
(Christian Science Monitor, March 23, 2006)

Fill 'er up with gasohol, biodiesel, E85 ...
(Christian Science Monitor, March 23, 2006)

Switchgrass holds promise as energy source
(Kansas City Star, Feb. 5, 2006)
(Registration required)


Ethanol price up too
Cost of gas and cost of ethanol are both up
(MSNBC, Sept. 30, 2005)

Increased demand led to jump in E-85 fuel price
(Aberdeen News, Sept. 13, 2005)

Energy bill aids wind, ethanol
(Wichita Eagle Washington bureau, July 29, 2005)

UC scientist says ethanol uses more energy than it makes
(San Francisco Chronicle, June 27, 2005)

Heineman: Ethanol is a good fit for state
(McCook Daily Gazette, June 7, 2005)

Blunt renews call for 10 percent ethanol in gasoline
(The Kansas City Star, June 2, 2005)
(Registration required)

EPA rejects ethanol waivers from states
(Wichita Eagle, June 2, 2005)

Industry leader is optimistic for ethanol's future
(Brownfield Network, June 01, 2005)

Semi-Respectable Ethanol
(The Washington Times, May 23, 2005)
(Registration required)


Editorial: A step in the right direction
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, August 23, 2006)
(Registration required)

Editorial: Ethanol is no solution for our energy woes
(The Hampton Roads (VA) Virginian-Pilot, June 26, 2006)

Rice: Ethanol plant is a win-win situation
((Liberal, KS) Southwest Daily Times, June 15, 2006)

Editorial: Ethanol Fuel -- Grow our own
(Topeka Capital-Journal, June 5, 2006)
(Registration required)

Editorial: Ethanol incentive
(Hays Daily News, May 19, 2006)
(Registration required)

Editorial: Corn lobby's tall tale of a gas substitute
(Christian Science Monitor, May 12, 2006)

Newest hot spot for oil production: Canada
(Christian Science Monitor, May 12, 2006)



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