Utilities Committee
Kansas Senate
Written Testimony of Bruce Snead
March 17, 2003

HB 2131

At Dr. Lee Allison’s request, I have the privilege of serving on the External Committee of the State Energy Resources Coordinating Council, which assisted the Council regarding renewable energy and energy efficiency topics. Dr. Allison and the entire Council should be congratulated for accomplishing so much with incredibly limited time. Such a tight schedule inevitably made it likely that legislative action items might need additional refinement as you move forward with implementation. The changes that have been accomplished through the legislative process and amendments made to HB 2131 and committee additions have been very productive and have improved the bill.

I support the bill in its current form and believe it:

  • Creates appropriate and comprehensive thermal energy efficiency design standards policy for the State of Kansas, for residential, industrial and commercial buildings. This will help keep future energy costs of building ownership and operation more affordable by guiding design and construction decisions with the most current approaches providing flexibility compliance, technologies and practices.
  • Recognizes the work and unification of code setting authorities that has occurred since the last Kansas Legislature action in this arena and helps provide a comprehensive reference and maintains a flexible approach for municipalities in the code adoption process.
  • Does not increase the cost to builders of meeting energy efficiency codes and guidelines or require them to do anything different than they are currently doing, other than provide information that they already have available about the residential structure, either upon request, or a the latest during contract negotiations.
  • Increases the opportunity for consumers to access timely energy efficiency/building information critical to the operating costs, purchase price, contract negotiation decisions and ultimate affordability for what is the largest investment they may ever make, buying a home.

I urge you to take positive action on this bill, as it represents a fair and appropriate update to the long term energy policy for the future building stock of Kansas, is beneficial for Kansas home buyers and fair to builders, and will help ensure the design and construction of buildings which will reduce demand for energy throughout their useful life. I would be happy to answer questions or respond to concerns the committee may have.

Bruce Snead


Member, External Committee, State Energy Resources Coordinating Council
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Manhattan, KS 66502
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