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Kansas Energy News

October 2003

Kansas makes most of easy-to-reach methane deposits
(Kansas City Business Journal, Oct. 31, 2003)

Companies set collective sights on Riley County for wind farm
(Kansas State University Collegian, Oct. 31, 2003)

Papers filed for 3rd power plant near Iatan
(St. Joseph (MO) News-Press, Oct. 31, 2003)

Great Plains plans two new plants
(Kansas City Star, Oct. 30, 2003)
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Coal plant a surprise to area
(Atchison Daily Globe, Oct. 30, 2003)

Detailed rules on turbines are OK'd
(El Dorado Times, Oct. 30, 2003)

Public meetings on pipeline coming up
(Garden City Telegram, October 29, 2003)

Wind farm guidelines get Butler Co. OK
(Wichita Eagle, October 29, 2003)

Editorial: The beautiful Flint Hills -- Let's be careful
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Oct. 27, 2003)

County to consider wind farm zoning changes
(El Dorado Times, Oct. 27, 2003)

Coal beds could yield methane gas
(St. Joseph (MO) News-Press, Oct. 26, 2003)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, October 26, 2003)

Midwest grid will get much stronger — for a big price
(Kansas City Star, October 23, 2003)
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A mighty wind's potential
(Eudora News, October 23, 2003)

Kansas-grown fuel at the pump
(Wichita Eagle, October 22, 2003)

Oil has proved to be boon for Comanche County town
(Hutchinson News, October 21, 2003)

Business maps the wind
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Oct. 21, 2003)

Landowners: Be aware of legal issues surrounding wind farms
(High Plains Journal, October 2003)

With education, favorable policy, KS wind power poised for growth
(High Plains Journal, October 2003)

Perks might boost wind production
(Hutchinson News, October 20, 2003)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, October 19, 2003)

Wind blows to forefront as big potential energy resource for Kansas
(Hutchinson News, October 19, 2003)

Wind-tech possibilities depend on grid system
(Hutchinson News, October 19, 2003)

Adviser says (Wabaunsee) county needs land-use plan
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Oct. 18, 2003)

Dulley: Room air cleaners boost a furnace's efficiency
(Wichita Eagle, October 18, 2003)

Kansas farms struggle under higher natural gas prices
(Wichita Eagle, October 18, 2003)

AUDIO: Wind Power in Kansas' Flint Hills
("Up To Date", KCUR, 89.3 FM, Oct. 16, 2003)
NOTE: This is an audio link for a radio program - you will need Windows Media Player to listen.

Ethanol production plant is still possible at site close to Nevada
(Nevada (MO) Daily Mail, Oct. 17, 2003)

Wind talk highlight of tour
(Garden City Telegram, October 16, 2003)
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Aquila keeps program to ease high utility bills
(Hutchinson News, October 16, 2003)

Aquila programs help ease high bills
(Garden City Telegram, October 15, 2003)
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Kansas Gas cancels WeatherProof program
(Hutchinson News, October 15, 2003)

N.E. Kansas land may hold gas riches
(Lawrence Journal-World, Oct. 12, 2003)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, October 12, 2003)

Winfield could have wind farm by Nov. 2004
(Winfield Daily Courier, October 11, 2003)

Timing appears right for crop-based fuels
(Pittsburg Morning Sun, October 11, 2003)

Ethanol plant needs investors
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Oct. 10, 2003)

Economic salvation, plucked from the air?
(Wichita Eagle, October 5, 2003)

Haven plant earns award for halting pollution
(Hutchinson News, October 5, 2003)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, October 5, 2003)

Meeting's participants hash over blackout-related issues
(Dodge City Globe, October 4, 2003)

Southern Kansas bending to pressure for wind farms
(Pratt Tribune, October 3, 2003)

Energy plan sought
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Oct. 3, 2003)

Kansans should brace for higher gas bills
(Lawrence Journal-World, Oct. 3, 2003)

Natural gas industry asks Sebelius for lower taxes
(Wichita Eagle, October 3, 2003)

Editorial: Unanswered questions - City Council needs to scrap problematic energy plan
(Hutchinson News, October 3, 2003)

Rising prices boost company
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Oct. 3, 2003)

County board approves draft of wind energy agreement
(Concordia Blade-Empire, October 1, 2003)

Interest grows in windy assets
(Wichita Eagle, October 1, 2003)

(Wichita Eagle, October 1, 2003)

Wind, biomass energy touted for Kansas economic development
(Dodge City Globe, October 1, 2003)

September 2003

Wind Farms in Kansas: Why can't state cash in on wind?
(Wichita Eagle, September 30, 2003)

Kansas tops nation in wind energy potential
(Dodge City Globe, September 30, 2003)

Martin Hawver: Why Interfere with Property Owners?
(Wichita Eagle, September 30, 2003)

EDITORIAL: ENERGIZER: Wind shows good potential
(Wichita Eagle, September 29, 2003)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, September 28, 2003)

Energy boosters: Utility-saving construction and features will be highlighted on annual solar tour next weekend
(Wichita Eagle, September 27, 2003)

Dulley: Efficient glass block windows also come in lightweight plastic
(Wichita Eagle, September 27, 2003)

Duffy: Time has come to harvest state's wind power
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Sept. 25, 2003)

Commission discusses wind farm
(Concordia Blade-Empire, September 24, 2003)

Stagner: Passenger rail service needs input from us
(Newton Kansan, Sept. 24, 2003)

Greensburg may help with high electricity bills
(Hutchinson News, September 24, 2003)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, September 21, 2003)

More natural gas may not deter price increases
(Hutchinson News, September 20, 2003)

Editorial: Gas rates -- Ugly forecast
The increases may be justified but some people won't be able to pay
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Sept. 20, 2003)

Wabaunsee County tables wind power proposal again
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Sept. 19, 2003)

Group opposes wind turbines
Banker Sabatini, others worry about ecosystem in Flint Hills
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Sept. 19, 2003)

Oil man seeks gas in Dexter
(Arkansas City Traveler, Sept. 18, 2003)

It's official: Kansas Gas Service rates go up
(Wichita Eagle, September 18, 2003)

Kansas natural gas bills to rise
  KCC OKs rate increase that will boost average fees by $6.05 a month
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Sept. 18, 2003)

Greensburg forum fails to solve problem of huge electric bills
(Hutchinson News, September 18, 2003)

Vote likely on Butler wind farm guidelines
(Wichita Eagle, September 17, 2003)

Ford County Commission Unanimously approves Spearville conditional use permit
(Dodge City Globe, September 16, 2003)

Wind farms on county agenda once again
(El Dorado Times, September 16, 2003)

Turbines reap 'year-round crop'
Farmer eager to harvest profits
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Sept. 16, 2003)

High-percentage ethanol goes on sale in Wichita area
(Wichita Business Journal, Sept. 15, 2003)

Editorial: Avoiding a blackout
(Hutchinson News, September 15, 2003)

Heat bills likely to rise
(Topeka Capital-Journal, Sept. 15, 2003)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, September 14, 2003)

Other ways to help end blackouts
(Kansas City Star, September 13, 2003)

Kansans cool to idea of funding Amtrak
(Hutchinson News, Sept. 13, 2003)

Greensburg officials brace electric customers for bill shock
(Hutchinson News, September 12, 2003)

Bender: What will come after fossil fuels?
(Dodge City Globe, September 9, 2003)

Winter utility pinch likely
(Lawrence Journal-World, Sept. 9, 2003)

Electric industry seeks power grid upgrade
(Lawrence Journal-World, Sept. 9, 2003)

Farmers hope idea to get steam from straw isn't hot air
Reno Co. producers want to make enough energy to boost economy
(Hutchinson News, September 7, 2003)

Oil completions
(Hutchinson News, September 7, 2003)

Commission hears presentation on wind energy
(Concordia Blade-Empire, Sept. 4, 2003)

Wind Wizard
Instead of tying his fortune to a star, Troy Helming has linked his destiny to the wind.
(Kansas City Small Business Monthly, Sept. 1, 2003)

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U.S. Energy News

October 2003

In Montana, the next Arctic Refuge debate
(Christian Science Monitor, October 30, 2003)

The Warming Is Global but the Legislating, in the U.S., Is All Local
(New York Times, October 29, 2003)
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Editorial: Testing the Senate's Mettle
(New York Times, October 27, 2003)
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Best gas mileage cars
(CNN.com, October 23, 2003)

Snags Delay Final Version of Energy Bill
(New York Times, October 20, 2003)
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Skolada: Future of energy could lie in carbs
(Holmen (Wis.) Courier, October 17, 2003)

Trapped Inside the Grid
(Metropolis Magazine, October 2003)

Energy bill must wait yet again
(Houston Chronicle, October 17, 2003)

Tax Break for Gas Drilling May Be Restored
Aid Would Promote Production, Industry Says; Environmentalists Decry Move
(Washington Post, August 26, 2003)

Editorial: Green Signal for Fast Trains
(Christian Science Monitor, October 17, 2003)

Pet Projects Flood Energy Bill Before Crucial Wednesday Session
(New York Times, October 15, 2003)
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Editorial: Stalled energy bill
(Hutchinson News, October 14, 2003)

Fractured Republicans Hope for Deal to Pass Energy Bill
(Washington Post, October 13, 2003)

The Great Energy Scam
How a plan to cut oil imports turned into a corporate giveaway. A TIME investigation
(Time Magazine, October 13, 2003)

Little Solar Houses for You and Me
Working to develop the Volkswagen of solar homes
(Grist Magazine, October 7, 2003)

Editorial: Democrats' Duty on Energy
(New York Times, October 6, 2003)
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Oil Rush in Siberia Puts Other Treasures at Risk
(New York Times, October 5, 2003)
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Environment drives new car concepts
(Lawrence Journal-World, Oct. 3, 2003)

Pig-produced methane powers electrical generators
(Lamar (CO) Daily News, Oct. 2, 2003)

Critical US energy bill crafted in secrecy
(Christian Science Monitor, October 2, 2003)

Editorial: Importing Natural Gas
(Christian Science Monitor, October 2, 2003)

September 2003

Review of Environment Rules Finds Benefits Outweigh Costs
(New York Times, September 28, 2003)
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Kinsley: Oil Folly
(Washington Post, September 26, 2003)

Fuel from foul
Using food and crop residues, a new breed of entrepreneur looks to cut waste and create energy
(Christian Science Monitor, Sept. 25, 2003)

OPEC cuts output as Iraqi oil flows
(Wichita Eagle, September 25, 2003)

Republicans Set to Spell Out Plan for Oil Drilling in Refuge
(New York Times, September 22, 2003)
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Arctic Drilling May Get Dumped From Bill
(Kansas City Star, September 18, 2003)

Commentary: The energy crisis revisited
(Washington Times, September 17, 2003)

Commentary: An electrifying Compromise?
(Washington Times, September 17, 2003)

Arctic Drilling May Get Dumped From Bill
(Kansas City Star, September 18, 2003)

Some companies attracted to 'green' power
(Kansas City Star, September 17, 2003)

Kristof: Casting a Cold Eye on Arctic Oil
(New York Times, September 10, 2003)
(Registration is required to view.)

Is Hydrogen the Gasoline of the Future?
(National Geographic, September 9, 2003)

Attorney general's report rips oil refiners
(San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 9, 2003)

A blackout casts spotlight on power deregulation
(Christian Science Monitor, Sept. 8, 2003)

After big blackout, will energy bill keep US lights on?
(Christian Science Monitor, Sept. 8, 2003)

Kristof: What Price Drilling?
(New York Times, September 5, 2003)
(Registration is required to view.)

Editorial: A Slimmer Energy Bill
(Washington Post, September 5, 2003)

Solar power surge: Electricians aim to help push 'green' technology mainstream
(Boston Globe, September 3, 2003)

Bright spots in solar's future?
(Christian Science Monitor, Sept. 3, 2003)

From cow pies to kilowatts
(Tacoma (WA) News-Tribune, Sept. 3, 2003)

Utilities Point Their Fingers at Each Other Over Blackout
(New York Times, September 3, 2003)
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Editorial: Electric Shock
(Washington Post, September 2, 2003)

Experts Point to Strains on Electric Grid's Specialists
(New York Times, September 2, 2003)
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Editorial: Backward on Energy
(New York Times, September 2, 2003)
(Registration is required to view.)

Krugman: Another Friday Outrage
(New York Times, September 2, 2003)
(Registration is required to view.)

Kristof: A Grizzly's-Eye View of a Refuge That Oil Drillers Covet
(New York Times, September 2, 2003)
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Patents: Using the Sun to Stop Blackouts
(New York Times, September 1, 2003)
(Registration is required to view.)

Rob Zaleski: What's with U.S. energy gluttony?
(The Capital Times, Madison, WI, Sept. 1, 2003)

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