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NPPD missed historic opportunity to lock wind energy prices, NeFU says
(High Plains Journal, Oct. 28, 2013)

NPPD to issue up to $140 million in bonds in October
(North Platte Bulletin, Oct. 22, 2013)

OPPD approves plan to more than double renewable energy sources
(Omaha World-Herald, Oct. 17, 2013)

Opinion: Wind power hits another setback in Neb.
(Scottsbluff Star-Herald, Oct. 16, 2013)

Nuclear plants in Iowa and Nebraska have been paying the U.S. for disposal they’re not getting
(Norfolk Daily News, Oct. 13, 2013)

NPPD Board rejects plan to purchase more wind power
(Lincoln Journal Star, Oct. 12, 2013)

City of MindenSays No Electric Rate Increase
(Minden Courier, Sept. 30, 2013)

NPPD decision on wind energy coming
(Columbus Telegram, Sept. 16, 2013)

Central Neb. power going to Kansas City utility
(Kearney Hub, Oct. 29, 2011)

Power Hungry Series: Reinventing the U.S. Electric Grid
(NPR, April-May 2009)

Electric Transmission

The entire state of Nebraska is served by the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), a Regional Transmission Operator (RTO) as recognized by the Federal Electric Regulatory Commission (FERC). All transmission projects in the SPP footprint must go through study and approval by the RTO before being built.

Transmission Line Projects

NPPD Transmission Line Projects

Hoskins-Neligh, A 39-mile, 345 kV line from Hoskins to Neligh - NPPD

R Project, A 220-mile, 345 kV line from NPPD’s Gerald Gentleman Station in Sutherland (W. Central Neb.) north to a new substation in or near Cherry Co., then east to a new substation in either Holt, Antelope, or Wheeler County where it will tie in with the 345 kV WAPA line - NPPD

Keystone XL Pipeline Transmission Project, A 22-mile, 115 kV line through Polk, Merrick, and Nance counties to support Pump Station 24 of this possible pipeline.  - NPPD

Midwest Transmission Project, A 180-mile, 345 kV line KCP&L’s existing Sibley Substation located near Sibley, MO to the new Mullin Creek Substation (south of Maryville, MO) and on to OPPD’s existing Substation 3458 their Nebraska City Power Station south of Nebraska City, Neb. - Joint project of OPPD & KCP&L

Southwest Reliability Project, A 115 kV line in the southwest portion of LES' service territory.  - LES


News and Information

Deregulation Status - (EIA - 1999)

Electricity Deregulation - Center for Responsive Politics

Consumer Information

Smart Grid

Advanced Metering Infrastructure Initiative - Stanton County Public Power District

Eastern Nebraska Public Power District Consortium - Cuming County P.P.D.

Nebraska Utilities

Public Power Districts

Nebraska Power Association, Association

Nebraska utilities territory maps, Nebraska Power Review Board

Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD)
  - Service Area - Retail Customers
  - Service Area - PPD's & Co-op Wholesale
  - Service Area - Municipal Wholesale
  - Electric Rates
  - Plants & Facilities

Omaha Public Power District (OPPD)
  - Service Area
  - Electric Rates
  - Power Outage Map
  - Plants & Facilities

Burt County P.P.D., Tekamah
  - Service Area
  - Net Metering Policy (PDF)

Butler P.P.D., David City
  - Service Area
  - Rates

Cedar-Knox P.P.D., Hartington
  - Service Area
  - Rates
  - Net Metering

Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District (CNPPID), Holdrege

Chimney Rock P.P.D., Bayard
  - Electric Rates (PDF)

Cornhusker P.P.D., Columbus
  - Service Fees

Cuming County P.P.D., West Pointe
  - Service Area

Custer P.P.D., Broken Bow
  - Service Area
  - Electric Rates

Dawson Public Power, Lexington
  - Service Area
  - Electric Rates
  - Net Metering & Renewables

Elkhorn Rural Public P.D., Battle Creek
  - Service Area
  - Electric Rates

Howard Greeley Rural P.P.D., St. Paul
  - Service Area

KPR Rural Public P.D., Ainsworth
  - Service Area
  - Electric Rates
  - Renewable Energy

Loup Power District, Columbus
  - Service Area
  - Electric Rates

McCook Public Power District, McCook

Norris P.P.D., Beatrice
  - Service Area
  - Residential Rates
  - Net Metering & Distributed Generation
  - Distributed Generation Guide (PDF)

North Central P.P.D., Creighton
  - Service Area
  - Electric Rates (PDF)

Northeast Nebraska Public Power District, Wayne
  - Electric Rates
  - Small Wind Generators

Northwest Rural P.P.D., Hay Springs
  - Service Area
  - Net Metering
  - Wind

Perennial P.P.D., York
  - Service Area

Polk County Rural P.P.D., Stromsburg
  - Service Area
  - Net Metering

Roosevelt P.P.D., Mitchell
  - Service Area
  - Electric Rates

Seward County P.P.D., Seward

South Central Public Power, Nelson
  - Service Fees

Southwest P.P.D., Palisade

Southern Power District, Grand Island
  - Service Area
  - Electric Rates

Stanton County P.P.D., Stanton
  - Service Area
  - Electric Rates

Twin Valleys P.P.D., Cambridge
  - Renewable Energy

Wheat Belt P.P.D., Sidney
  - Service Area
  - Electric Rates

Municipal Utilities

League of Nebraska Municipalities - Utilities Section, Association

Lincoln Electric System (LES)
  - Service Area (PDF)
  - Electric Rates
  - Facilities
  - Net Metering (PDF)

Alliance utilities
  - Electric Rates

Fairbury utilities

Falls City utilities
  - Electric Rates

Fremont utilities
  - Electric Rates
  - Annual Net Metering Report

Gothenburg utilities
  - Electric Rates

Grand Island utilities

Hastings utilities
  - Electric Rates

Lexington utilities
  - Electric Rates

North Platte utilities
  - Electric Rates

St. Paul utilities

Seward utilities

Sidney utilities

Wisner utilities


Nebraska Electricity Profile 2010 - EIA


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