State Energy Resources Coordinating Council Agenda

November 20, 2002

SERCC Agenda — November 20, 2002
Meeting Location: Kansas Corporation Commission hearing room
130 S. Market
Wichita, Kansas

10:00 am   Welcome

Introduction of new committee members
Tasks, timelines, and plan for annual report
Status of Kansas Energy Abstract and Atlas

10:30 am   Forecast Committees (Production and Consumption)

11:00 am   Sector Committees (Petroleum, Electricity, Emerging Energy)

12:00 am   Lunch (on your own)

 1:00 pm   Sector Committees reconvene

 1:30 pm   Full Council

Committee reports
Tasks to be completed by Dec 18.

 2:00 pm    Adjourn

SERCC Committee tasks

Forecast Committees (Production and Consumption)

  1. review materials to prepare production and consumption forecasts
  2. identify other sources of data and models needed
  3. determine what forecasts can be made
  4. assign tasks to prepare forecasts for Dec. 18 meeting

Sector Committees (Petroleum, Electricity, Emerging Energy)

  1. review and complete spreadsheet of energy plan recommendations
  2. delete, add, or revise recommendations
  3. assign tasks for selecting and prioritizing by Dec. 18 meeting