State Energy Resources Coordinating Council Agenda

October 15, 2003


SERCC Agenda — October 15, 2003
Meeting Location: Kansas Corporation Commission hearing room
1500 SW Arrowhead Road, Topeka, KS

10:00 am   Full Council

Kansas Wind and Biomass Energy ’03 – Donna Johnson
Kansas Summit on Natural Gas - Liz Brosius
Status of report
Recommendations for SERCC action?
How to distribute the results?
Oct. 4th Blackout Roundtable - Lee Allison
Transmission Task Force - Lee Allison
Ad hoc committee on system benefit charges – Michael Volker
Bio-Energy Working Group – Patty Clark, Dept. of Commerce
FutureGen - Lee Allison

11:00 am  Comments from Troy Findley, Governor’s office

Re-issue of executive order
State energy planning and policy

Discussion of SERCC's role, funding

11:30 am   Kansas Energy Plan 2004

Charge to sector committees

12:00 pm   Lunch — pick up box lunches

 12:30 pm  Sector Committee breakouts/working lunch

Committees will finalize their recommendations for 2004 energy plan. Prepare list of specific recommended actions and avenues of implementation (legislation, SERCC actions, study items).

 2:00 pm  Break

 2:15 pm  Full Council

Sector Committee reports
Kansas Energy Plan 2004

Assignment of production, consumption forecasts
Changes?  Suggestions?
Voting procedure

Publishing reports, additional information on SERCC web site
Set up Education Committee
Plans for next meeting on November 19th

 4:00 pm    Adjourn