State Energy Resources Coordinating Council Agenda

September 11, 2003


SERCC Agenda — September 11, 2003
Meeting Location: Kansas Corporation Commission hearing room
130 S. Market
Wichita, Kansas

10:00 am   Full Council

Distribute notes from last meeting
Presentation of SERCC report, “Kansas Energy Abstract”
Summit on Natural Gas (10/02/03) update
Transmission task force update
KACEE-SERCC partnership?, Shari Wilson
Bio-Energy Working Group update
Executive Order status

10:45 am   Kansas Energy Plan 2004

Key message?
Forecasts: consumption, production, and energy imports
Assignments, deadlines

11:15 am   Brief Report: Northeast US power outage: what does it mean for Kansas?, Larry Holloway, KCC

Q & A

11:30 pm   Charge to sector committees

11:45 pm   Lunch—pick up box lunches*

 12:15 pm  Sector Committee breakouts/working lunch*

All: Generate list of priorities, recommendations for 2004 plan
Utilities: Electricity transmission reliability in Kansas;
Utilities/Renewables: RPS standards for state as a whole
Petroleum: Natural gas production, supply, and price

 2:00 pm  Full Council

Committee reports
Old business
Staffing and funding for council activities
Schedule and locations of SERCC meetings

New business

 3:00 pm    Adjourn

* We ask that you cover the cost of the box lunches, which will be under $10.