State Energy Resources Coordinating Council


SERCC Agenda - December 18, 2002
Meeting Location: KCC 1st floor conference room
1500 SW Arrowhead Road
Topeka, Kansas

10:00 am  Welcome

Goals for the meeting
Status of Kansas Energy Abstract, Atlas, and Kansas Energy Report
Effective implementation of the SERCC plan Raney Gilliland, Legislative Analyst

10:30 am  Review and discussion of forecasts

Forecast Committees (Production and Consumption)

11:00 am  Review of draft energy recommendation compilation

Sector Committees (Petroleum, Electricity, Emerging Energy)

12:00 am  Working Lunch

Discussion of the energy plan

 1:00 pm  Action Items

Adoption of forecasts
Prioritization and adoption of state energy plan

  1:45 pm  Discussion of plans for 2003

  2:00 pm  Adjourn